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Pool Information


Closed Mondays
Tuesday – Sunday : 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


Guest Fee: $7.00 for each guest
Parties with more than 8 guests are required to call ahead.

Dress Code

  • Swimmers must wear appropriate, clean and family-friendly swim wear
  • Brazil/French-cut, thong-style and/or translucent swim wear is not permitted
  • Gym shorts, bras or underwear, cut–offs, dungarees and Bermuda shorts are not considered swim wear
  • Infants must wear Swim Diapers

Safety Rules

  • No person may use the pool unless a guard is on duty
  • No running on the pool decks
  • No pushing or throwing anyone in the pool
  • No one on another person’s shoulders in the pool
  • Be considerate; do not excessively splash or dunk anyone. Be careful when diving or jumping; be sure no persons are in your path.
  • No diving at the shallow end of the pool. The older and more experienced swimmers are requested to exercise caution in the shallow end where younger children are swimming.
  • Boisterous play, rough housing and profane language shall not be permitted
  • No glass permitted anywhere on the pool deck
  • Continued or flagrant violation of rules will be cause for suspension of pool privileges
  • No inflatables, rafts, squirt guns, or water balloons

No outside food or drinks.